Mission Statement
Onsite Power Systems is dedicated to provide economically and environmentally sound solutions for organic
waste recovery while creating alternative and sustainable renewable fuels and value added products.

The company is taking a leadership role in commercializing advanced anaerobic digestion technologies while
shaping new models for organic resource recovery, renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

A new waste management industry is rapidly developing to solve
increasingly serious organic waste disposal problems facing municipalities
and the agriculture and food processing industry.

Newly developed anaerobic digestion processes not only dispose of these
problematic organic waste streams “on-site”, they create
biogas, biofuels and other valuable byproducts.
Conventional organic waste disposal techniques can no longer satisfy increasing federal and state regulations,
spurring the development of new waste management methods. Livestock feedlots, agricultural growers, food
processors and municipalities must find new, environmentally sound and economic ways to dispose of animal,
"green" and food processing wastes.
Onsite Power Systems, Inc (OPS) is a privately held organic resource recovery company, anchored by a team
experienced in this sector with the objective of changing the way the world is able to create fuel from various
problematic agricultural and organic waste streams.
Our strategy is to leverage our advanced high solids anaerobic (AHS) digester technology and process
expertise to provide cost effective and economical solutions to organic waste recovery.  These advanced
anaerobic digester technologies will produce renewable fuel and energy at a lower cost than that of competing
fossil fuels. Additionally, our efforts will substantially reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases (GHG) for
wherever our systems are installed. Aside from the commodities produced in our process, reductions of GHG's
have a tangible economic value on the world market.